Interested in Irish Rowing? Here's some basic info:

We are a competitive coed team that travels to different cities (on weekends) throughout the summer and fall. travel is optional, but encouraged - rowers who are traveling to a particular regatta get first priority in the boat during practices leading up to that race.

Come on down and hop in the boats - we don't have formal teaching classes, we'll teach you as we go. This sport is not like any other type of rowing, and it usually takes several practices to get the hang of the technique - don't get discouraged!

Think you're too old for this? We have rowers from their teens to their 60's and everything in between on the team. Once you build up your stamina and learn the rowing technique, you can be very competitive, no matter what age you start! Hope to see you on the water!

History of the Currach and our Club -


For more information about rowing and what kind of nuts we are, or to see if we'll be rowing on a particular day, please feel free to call Egan: (443) 532-4165.

Getting to the boats: 
Park in the back (near the Convent) of the St. Mary's Church parking lot. walk out of the back of the parking lot and walk down Shipwright street to the water. You can enter the Carroll House via the gate on the left. The boats are by the water.

What you'll need:
Best to wear comfortable gym clothes, bring water, sailing or workout type gloves if you have them, and beer money!

Dues for new rowers and full-time students are $100 for the year which includes a team t-shirt and an oval "ROW" sticker. You don't have to bring money until the 4th practice (unless we go to Castlebay Irish Pub afterwards)!

Contact Captain Egan Nerich at (443) 532-4165 or


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